Do you really know the best false eyelashes for you?

Do you really know the best false eyelashes for you?

Material: The material of false eyelashes on the market can be described as various. In addition to the more popular artificial fibers, there are various kinds of animal hair such as horsehair and human hair. The degree of softness and firmness of different animal hairs are not the same, horsehair is relatively stiff , The mane is soft, the fox hair is mostly colored false eyelashes, and there are a variety of flying bird feathers. This kind of normal stage performance is used much, the price is usually more expensive, and the best makeup is human hair.
In addition to the material of the hair, the false eyelashes also have a sharpened or sharpened hair. This means that the end of the hair is polished, making her the same as the actual hair. The sharpened eyelashes will be more real and refined. This, too, is now the standard for selecting false eyelashes. Of course, if you are just looking for big eyes and a god, this small detail can also be ignored.
False eyelashes
The stems of different eyelashes are also different, and weaves are different.

do you really know the best false eyelashes for you?

Cotton thread
The eyelashes are folded in knots on the black cotton thread. The false eyelashes of this weave method have good flexibility and high comfort on the eyes. They are not easy to open, but the stems are easy to bend and deform after being peeled off. The black cotton stalks have eye liner effect. Therefore, if you want to have an eyeliner effect while sticking false eyelashes, cotton thread will be your best choice.

Transparent stem

The lashes are folded on a transparent stem-like stalk with knots. The makeup effect is the best. It is easy to cut a bunch of stickers. After tearing off, it can maintain the original curvature. The softness is stronger than the false lashes of the cotton stalk. The disadvantage is that It is easier to fall off and tilt up. Bepholan’s current magnet eyelashes are made of transparent stems. One advantage of magnet eyelashes is that they don’t need glue. They can be done in just three seconds, and makeup removal is also very convenient.

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Weaving Terrier
The eyelashes are arranged in a single row of sticks that stick to the strips. They are hard but have a good hold and have the best setting effect.

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In general, the daily choice of cotton and transparent stems can be, I usually prefer the transparent stem, because it is more natural, but if it is easy to edema or swollen eyelids, or wear eyelids easy to wear false eyelashes, weaving may be possible Will be more suitable, because it is the strongest support, and the eyelid is very sensitive to the fairy is not suitable for weaving stalks, and the eyes are easy to poke.

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