Do you really know the false eyelashes glue?

Do you really know the false eyelashes glue?

Recommend a suitable for sensitive skin, especially for senstive users, Mac duo false Eyelash Glue which is the world’s best selling glue. The feature isnatural oak latex material, mild and anti allergy, duo is the only one to reach the standard of medical surgery glue, in the United States pharmacies have sales.

Wear a whole day will not drop, of course, is not absolute, make-up remover relaxed, glue squeeze out is white, dry to become transparent, and dry does not harden, one can use two years no problem.

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To say the difference of three paragraph:

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Blue, tubular, need to use toothpicks stained on false eyelashes, glue is white, after the kill will become transparent, but if coated too much, you will see black eyeliner has light yellow transparent glue water, need to use eyeliner pen to cover again.For those who want natural effects, this product is more suitable, because the transparent color will not appear false eyelashes more obvious, to create a natural effect.

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Pink: Because it can not be completely transparent, it is highly recommended to put false eyelashes on the eyeliner to buy pink, that is, black glue, of course, not everyone likes black glue, everyone to get what they want.

Green paragraph: Green allows users to accurately grasp the amount of glue, with a very fine brush head, can quickly become transparent, but also convenient to fill. The disadvantage is that the green paragraph is only 5 grams, pink and blue paragraph has 14 grams, it is clear that the green is the most expensive!

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Compared to the price relatively expensive duo glue, Bepholan Glue is cheaper but the quality is like DUO, bepholan eyelsh adhersive white features an ultra-thin brush for precision application. This high-quality lash adhesive is latex free and it dries clear. Each pack contains one tube of glue along with application and care instructions(printed on the real). Bepholan Lash Adhesive offers a safe,long-lasting hold.

eyelash adhesive—bepholan
eyelash adhesive—bepholan
eyelash adhesive—bepholan

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