How to Choose False Eyelashes for Different Occasion

How to Choose False Eyelashes for Different Occasion?

When buying false lashes you should be sure the style of lash will be appropriate for your eye contour, eye colour and skin tone. The wrong choice of the could result in a clash of colours, lashes looking economical and incredibly unnatural. This is the final thing that you wish to happen when dressing up and attending an important occasion. Another important element is to receive your style of eyelashes to match the occasion that you intend to wear them to. For instance on a daytime event natural look lashes are the best choice, keeping your appearance understated yet glamorous. At a wedding or formal function you will prefer a fancy manner of lashes but not too fancy, like feather lashes.

Here are good examples to choose false eyelashes:

Today, Let’s talk about how to choose false eyelashes for different occasion.
For a great everyday appearance, your top style will be natural look best false eyelashes. With this style it will suit several different skin tones and eye colours. If you are of fairer skin afterward a dark brown/black thinner set of lashes will be complimenting to your eyes. The thicker and darker the lashes, the harsher it will look on your face.
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When attending a party or a glam night you always need to look your best, in the shoes, to the dress, into the makeup and eyelashes, everything has to be perfect. When choosing what style of lash to wear, consider the rest of your outfit and total look. For instance if you have a blue gown, team it with a pair of black/blue glitter lashes, using a pure eye shadow shade. You do not wish to use an excessive amount of daring color of eye shadow as the blue in your eyelashes will glow through, much less is more.
The very best false eyelashes for a fancy dress event or costume accessory are feather eyelashes. Here at Just Eyelashes we stock a great assortment of feather lashes, in all different colours and textures. They exaggerate the form and size of your attention, for an additional dramatic look. The excellent thing about feather lashes is that they’re so light weight that they will not strain your eyes or feel any heavier than any normal false lashes.
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In one word, every type of false eyelashes has different kind of occasion. Actually, it is not a easy way for you to distinguish which one belong to which occasion. Now, join us, let’s share more to each other about the professional fales eyelashes knowledge and information.

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