How to wear false eyelashes well for green hand

How to wear false eyelashes well for green hand? Many girls can not wear false eyelashes well. This blog will explain how to wear false eyelashes well for green hand. Therefore, it is a good news for girls who are eager to date. It doesn’t matter if they are not beautiful for the first several time. You need to trust practice makes perfect.

Step 1: Curl up your natural eyelashes in order to avoid the layer effect between false eyelashes and your natural eyelashes.

Step 2: Apply your natural lashes according to use mascara carefully from the roots of the eyelashes. There is no need to apply very thick and deep. The purpose is to keep your eyelashes curled and curved.

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Step 3: Measure the length of false eyelashes. Use tweezers to clamp the false eyelashes on top of your eyelashes. Remember to set about 3mm of the eye’s head and cut off the long side of the eye.

Step 4: Clip the length of false eyelashes. Use a small pair of scissors to cut out the long part of the false eyelashes. Be careful to cut off the part of the end of the eye when you trim and keep your eyes. If your makeup and false eyelashes are natural light, then the length of false eyelashes at the end of the eye should not exceed your own eyes; if you have a slightly thicker makeup, you can slightly longer than your own eyes, but do not exceed the length of the eyeliner.

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Step 5: Curl eyelashes to the curvature of the eye. Hold both ends of the eyelashes, bend the arc of the fan shape, and the curvature matches the curvature of the eyes
Step 6: Apply false eyelash glue. Then apply a layer of glue along the stalks of the false eyelashes. The two ends of the lashes can be brushed a little more. The parts at both ends can be painted a little more because the eyes and eyes are very easy to lift. Then the reporter does not stick because The glue is difficult to fix under wet conditions, so you can hold the eyelashes in your hand and let it dry a bit. Then stick it when you notice it. Don’t stick it first. First measure the distance, the head of the false eyelashes. Do not close your eyes to your eyes and open a distance. This is to make it more comfortable to wear, so as not to cause discomfort to the eyes.

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Step 7: After the distance is measured, first stick the middle of the false eyelashes, and then fix the left and right sides. After the glue is finished, the eyes are closed, wait for the glue to dry a bit, and then lift the false eyelashes with your fingers, so that the eyelashes will naturally turn upwards, and finally the mascara will be finished.

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