How to better protect false eyelashes so that they can be reused?

How can we better protect the false eyelashes so that they can be reused? This article will share you the main point to how to remove your false eyelashes and maintain it.

eyelash adhesive—bepholan
eyelash adhesive—bepholan

Before using false eyelashes:

1.Do not put eye shadow and mascara on false eyelashes.

First use eye shadow and then wear false eyelashes, so that the eye shadow powder can not be removed from false eyelashes, and can not be removed, which will affect the next use.

Don’t brush mascara on false eyelashes. It will increase the difficulty of cleaning false eyelashes, or even damage false eyelashes.

If the eyelash can not be fused, how can you do it? You can use electric eyelash curler to raise your real eyelashes.

It can be a combination of true and false eyelashes.

2.Remove false eyelashes correctly

Many people remove the false eyelashes directly when they remove the false eyelashes, which will greatly damage the false eyelashes.

He will pull his eyelids for a long time to relax his eyelids for a long time.

Second. If the paste is not very good, make the real eyelash stick together, tear the real eyelash will tear off.

Third directly tear will make false eyelashes deformation, shorten the number of repeated use, or even directly damage false eyelashes.

remove false eyelash

The correct way to unload the false eyelashes:

Take appropriate amount of eye makeup remover products with cotton swabs, then gently rub them on the root of false eyelashes, gently handle them and do not exert too much effort to remove eye makeup. After a period of time, the false eyelashes will fall off automatically.

3. Cleaning the glue of false Mascara

Can be dipped with a cotton swab to remove alcohol a little. Prevent too much glue in the stem part and make it too frequent to reuse.

4.Well preserved and shelved so that the next use.

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