How to maintain and advance your eyelashes

For people who often use false eyelashes, it is very important to maintain your eye skin and eyelashes after removing eyelashes. Today, teach you how to maintain your eye skin and eyelashes.

1. Mastering the correct way to unload mascara and unload the false eyelashes

For the hard to remove waterproof mascara and false eyelashes, although the makeup oil or Makeup Remover Cream can be removed, dermatologists still remind you to see whether the product is suitable for the eye and the eye and the skin of the eye. As for the general mascara, dermatologists believe that many appeals on the market can be used for the cleansing of the eye and eyelids and the eye and lip professional makeup remover, which is a good choice. And when used, the doctor and everyone share a small tip: makeup cotton dip in the proper amount of makeup liquid wet lashes 30 seconds, let the clean ingredients penetrated to the bottom, can be quickly and clean complete discharge work. Eyelashes must be gently removed to avoid eye wrinkles.

maintain and advance lash-1
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2. Eyelash hair fall seriously to the doctor for help

Suddenly a large number of eyelashes fall off, the common direct reason is not too much too exciting material, such as Sticker sticker to fake eyelashes, or not suitable for their own eyelash maintenance liquid products. Or it is not normal, pressure, and so on. In fact, the causes of eyelashes are like the pressure type, because the inflammation factors in the body attack the skin hair follicle, causing abnormal hair loss, in addition, due to excessive diet and diet caused iron deficiency anemia, also cause hair and eyelash burst of a large number of drop off. If it is not for the above reasons, it may be related to specific diseases.

magnetic eyelashes
magnetic eyelasehs

3. Eye cream will not nourish eyelashes

Many women want a two care when rubbing eye cream desperately to the eyelid position to push, hope that the eyelash roots more or less absorption of nutrients, in this way, the doctor pointed out: “eye cream to the eyelashes, should have difficulties! And do not recommend this.” Because it is not sure if each eye cream is mild enough, will it damage the mucous membrane of the eye? Therefore, if the eye cream is too close to the root of the eyelash, it may cause an irritating effect on the eyes. Therefore, eye cream can only be used in the eyes around the skin, far away from eyelashes to insurance.

4. Eyelash maintenance fluid can be used

The eyelashes are also a kind of hair. Just like our hair care products, it can make hair stronger and stronger, and it is not easy to break, so is eyelash. Moderate use of eyelash maintenance liquid and other products can really bring more protection to fine eyelashes, prevent eyelashes from breaking or falling off early. So, if you really want to have a charming and beautiful eyelash, eyelash maintenance fluid may not make a natural thinning short hair thicker, but at the very least, it can make the eyelashes more strong, natural and beautiful.

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