New ways to wear false eyelashes

First of all, you need to understand your eye type for any material and style of eyelashes.

Double eyelid – false eyelashes of cotton stalk

Double eyelids with cotton stalk look better, because the cotton false eyelashes stalk is not easy to rise, sticked more invisible, do not draw eyeliner, so do not worry about the problem of removing makeup.

Single eyelid – translucent stem, plastic stalk

Single eyelids are easy to double inside or thick eyelids. If you open your eyes with the cotton stalk, you will cover the false eyelashes, so choose the transparent stem and the plastic stalk, perhaps with no cotton thread, but it will bring up the eyelid, like the natural formation, and the eyeliner and other cosmetic techniques to enlarge the eyes.

Method one: wear the whole eyelash

This method is the same as the usual method of false eyelashes, a point to be noticed is to paste the eyelashes with eye shadow, not only to make eyelashes and eyelids more fixed, but also to make the false Mascara more natural under the brush of eye shadow.

New way to wear false eyelashes-1
New way to wear false eyelashes-2

For this, you first need to measure the length of your eyes and then cut the false eyelashes to let them have same length of your eyes. Then, you need to use glue.

New way to wear false eyelashes-4

The final effect is as below:

Method two: wear cluster eyelash

This method is higher for the individual’s technical requirements than the first, but the false eyelashes that are attached to this method are more natural, without the obvious effect of the false lashes and real eyelashes in the future, and the novice can practice more.

New way to wear false eyelashes-7
New way to wear false eyelashes-9
New way to wear false eyelashes-11

Method three: lower stick method

The eyelashes are attached to the eyelashes rather than on the top of our traditional plaster. It will look more like real eyelashes, and it is not easy to separate the true lashes from the real eyelashes.

false eyelashes

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