Is it true that using false eyelashes will decrease eyesight?

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It is popular for girls to choose best false eyelashes as an essential cosmetic product in daily life. However, many female consumers have expressed their own eye diseases after using false eyelashes. What is worse, resulting in vision decrease.

Is it true that using false eyelashes will decrease eyesight?
About this question, let’s first explain why some consumers suffer from these eye problems.

Reason one: Poor quality and material of eyelashes
Many false eyelashes on the market are irregular products, some manufacturers use pig hair and dog hair to reduce cost, and only to do simple treatment, even without thorough disinfection of the completion of the production link, after the sale of packaging, health does not pass. Therefore, the eyes must be infected.

Reason two: Poor quality of the glue
Poor quality glue will obstruct the opening of eyelid glands which can cause granuloma. Long term use of false eyelashes is also easy to cause a large number of raw eyelashes to fall off, but the reason is to stimulate the eye glue and other chemicals. In addition, long time grafting of eyelashes will also cause eye hair follicle blockage and eyelid opening, affecting the normal metabolic function of the gland, may lead to grain swelling, grorgral swelling, dry eye and other diseases.

Reason three: Improper use of false eyelashes by consumers

If the operation is not appropriate, it is easy to cause eyelid infection, local redness and swelling on the edge of eyelid, increase of secretion, white or yellow wheat grain in the root of eyelash. Secondly, paste and other chemicals are also prone to cause repeated eye irritation such as redness, skin thickness and itching. Therefore, when using false eyelash products, avoid buying and using inferior products, even if they are regular products, never let any chemical contact with the eyeball. Once discomfort occurs, be sure to seek medical advice in time for anti-inflammatory and anti allergy treatments.

In one word, there is no evidence illustrste that use false eyelash can decrease vision, the reaon why you may face some eye problem when using false eyelash mainly have three reason: poor quality of eyelashes, poor quality of glue and improper false eyelash use. For the first two reason, Bepholan can solve your problems.

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