How to possess stars makeup

As a girl, do you admire the makeup of stars, especially the makeup of eyes. For eyes,the important part is false eyelashes, especially the mink eyelashes. Today, we recommend some of the false eyelashes commonly used by the stars.

Kardashian version:
If the eyelash is thicker, some of the eyelashes are often ignored. If everything is thoughtful and meticulous, it is probably Kardashian’s version.

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Recommendation of eyelash style:
The choice of long and curly false eyelashes can achieve Kardashian effect. It can be exaggerated to avoid excessive natural types, otherwise it will not produce the desired sense of density.

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Taylor Swift version:
For those with fewer eyelashes or less eyelashes, they want to use natural false eyelashes to create beautiful women. Or for women who want to enhance eye makeup and use false eyelashes to improve their makeup.

Recommendation of eyelash style:

Daily life does not need to want too strong makeup, Tyler Swift’s natural volume is the first choice, and the eyelash conditions are really good people can only be stained with eyelids with false eyelashes, lower eyelids directly with mascara.

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Katie version:
Although the false eyelashes look almost the same, Katie seems to be somewhat different. Large upwarping, from the eye to the eye and tail, including the lower eyelid is also a curly false eyelash, so that the eyes can be magnified 2 times.
It’s almost just the degree of curl. The more you look up, the bigger your eyes will be.

Recommendation of eyelash style:

False eyelashes in Japan are relatively natural and conform to Asians’ aesthetic standards. Natural distribution of eyelashes, coupled with seemingly disorderly upturned degree, so that the whole eye makeup looks affinities, with pastoral small and fresh sense of sight.
However, it is worth noting that when choosing false eyelashes, it is best not to have the same length of eyelashes, which will make the eyes look a bit fake. It will be more natural and charismatic. The beauty of the long and short eyelashes makes a cute doll.

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