How to make eyelash growth fast

One of the most commonly used tools for short eyelashes is mascara, but the improper use of mascara often damages your natural lashes. This essay will talk about how to make eyelash growth fast.

1. Massage the eyelid after washing the face
After washing the face, massage the face at the same time also massage our eyes, gently massage, promote blood circulation, can accelerate the spread of the eyelash nutrition, so as to accelerate the rapid growth of eyelashes.

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2. Rich food and nutrition
The eyelashes are made up of proteins such as keratin.
In order to raise eyelashes, they have to take protein, such as fish, eggs, soy or soy products, milk and dairy products. Iodine containing foods that promote thyroid function and hair development include seaweed, seaweed and other seaweed species. And vitamin E, A, or P that promote blood circulation and prevent hair loss are balanced by eating.

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3. Good quality of sleep
Eyelash is also a kind of hair.
Sleep is not enough. It is easy to cause hair loss. Sufficient sleep quality will ensure that our eyelashes do not go off.

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4. Eyelash quintessence assisted growth
In addition to having good living habits, it is also necessary to use the essence of the liquid to maintain eyelashes. Who knows those girls who you think are natural and beautiful? Will the eyelashes be maintained at home every day? Pick up your favorite eyelash maintenance products and nourish the eyelashes before sleeping at night.

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5. Use mascara containing repair ingredients
The maintenance products should be used early and late, the eyelash maintenance products can not only work in the evening! If you can choose the mascara with repair ingredients, early and late can help strong eyelashes, can promote the growth and firmness of eyelashes.

In one word, you can use these kind of methods to let your eyelash grow faster and faster. In addition, another way to let your eyelashes make more shiny and fluffy is using false eyelashes. Bepholan is a professionla store who concentrates on eyelashes. Please click the picture if you want to know more informaiton about Bepholan.

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