A small trick of reusing false eyelashes

How to possess permanent eyelashes?  For girls who like to wear false eyelashes, there is a problem that may be very annoying, that is, after each makeup remover, the false eyelashes are not lost. It is not willing to throw away, and it is not sanitary. Today we will teach you a practical and hygienic little trick.

Tool preparation: cotton swabs, paper towels, paper cups, eye and lip makeup remover

A small trick of reusing false eyelashes-1

Step 1 : pour the eye and lip remover into the container. The solution can drown the false eyelashes and stop pouring.

Step 2 : put the false eyelashes into the container and soak for a day or so.

Step 3 : after a day, put it on the towel, gently wipe it, try to clean the liquid.

Step 4 : take out the cotton swabs, wipe the dirty objects on the false eyelashes, and manually remove the dirty objects on the false eyelashes.

A small trick of reusing false eyelashes-5
A small trick of reusing false eyelashes-5

Step 5 : look for another container, wash the face milk and water 1:1 mixture. Put in used false eyelashes, thoroughly soak, wash with clean water.

Step 6 : wipe the excess water with clean tissue or clean towel, and then you can use it again.

A small trick of reusing false eyelashes-7

In this way, and not only does not damage the shape of the false eyelashes, it looks like the new one, so easy to clean the false eyelashes, everyone quickly learn it!

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