How to avoid uncomfortable feeling when attaching false eyelash

Many girls have a feeling after putting fake eyelashes, which is very uncomfortable to wear. They always feel a sense of a foreign body. Today, I will teach you how to avoid this kind of trick when attaching false lashes.

First, you need to know the type of false eyelashes: hand lashes, semi-hand lashes, and mechanism lashes.

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Hand-made eyelashes: Hand-made, one by one, the eyelashes are pulled up, the workmanship is fine, convenient and practical, but the process is complicated, and the yield is limited by labor.

Semi-manual eyelashes: The first few processes use machines, and the latter two processes are also artificially made. The finished eyelashes are relatively flat and beautiful.

Mechanism eyelashes: mainly machine production, but there are also a small part that will use labor, the product looks beautiful, the cost is low, and the output is large.

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Preparation before attaching false eyelashes

Be sure to bend your own eyelash curler with the eyelash curler before attaching the false eyelashes. Next, apply a layer of mascara to the curved eyelashes to lengthen your eyelashes.

Oil absorption, oil will make false eyelashes difficult to fix. If you are oily skin, you may have some problems when wearing it.
Before wearing false eyelashes, first, clean the grease on the eyelids with oil-absorbing paper, or sweep a layer of transparent light on the upper eyelid. If you want to recycle false eyelashes, do not use oily makeup remover when removing makeup, so as not to affect the second round.

Before you apply glue to the false eyelashes, first measure whether the length of the false eyelashes is the same as the length of your eyes. After comparing them, cut off the excess from both ends.

Apply glue to the eyelashes, preferably from the sides to the middle, then let the glue dry on it for 1 minute or 1 minute and a half before applying the glue, so that the glue is more viscous.

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How to attach false eyelashes

When we are eager to put on false eyelashes, we should tell ourselves that good things are worth waiting for. Waiting for ten seconds to make the glue sticky will make the final effect very different. If you just apply the glue, you will hang on the false eyelashes, and the false eyelashes will stick to it, so there will be a foreign body sensation.
Most of us will have our noses facing the mirror. The closer we look at the mirror, the clearer we are. Isn’t it true? It is the right choice to put the mirror under the face. This is the best view of the eyelashes.

First look for the position of the eye, point the end of the false eyelash at the position of the eye; then stick the middle part, stay at this stage for a while to make the glue work; finally, finish the part of the eye.

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In conclusion, if you want to wearing false eyelashes comfortably, you really need to take time to pratice. Also, if you want to know more about false eyelashes knowledge, Bepholan Store will provide more, please click the picture below to know more informaiton about false eyelashes.

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