How to make stars smoky eyes

smoky eyes is a makeup that makes girls more attractive. It’s also a makeup that many people want to learn. Of course, it is one of the most favorite choice for girls. Today I will take you to see how easy the 5 steps can be to create the most sexy smoked makeup. And also will introduce the best false eyelash to you to help you make smoky eyes.

Jennifer Lopez

Step1: a beige eye shadow to make a bottom of the eyelid

Step2: use light brown eye shadow on the first layer of eye shadow

Step3: aggravates the part of the eye tail with gray brown eye shadow, and naturally blooming.

Step4: draws the eyeliner along the root of the eyelash with an eyeliner

how to make stars smoky eyes-5

Step5: Brush Mascara, a European and American star smoked makeup is completed.

how to make stars smoky eyes-6
how to make stars smoky eyes-7

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false eyelashes

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