How to Apply Eyeshadow

Girls want to dress up beautifully and possess long eyelashes, but always feel that they lack a make-up artist. The reason is that Bthey always paint wrong eyebrows, even the lipsticks are not good at color. Today, this blog will share some skills to apply eyeshadow.

1.Choose the right eye shadow

Some girls just started to paint eyeshadows and bought eye shadows of various colors to apply. The result was “dishesing” and did not carefully consider what kind of eye shadow they are suitable for. If it is a novice white, it is recommended to start to buy earth color or champagne color eyeshadow, so it is safer, no mistakes, it is best to choose matt type, but if you like pearl type, try to buy the kind of micro pearl. If you are a handicapped party, it is recommended to choose a touch of eye shadow, even if you can not draw it.

Mink Eyelashes- BEPHLAN NAOMI (3)
Mink Eyelashes-BEPHOLAN SICILIA (3)

2. Learn to base

Eye makeup also needs to be made, but most people don’t know, but apply their favorite color directly on the eyelids, which will make the whole eye look dirty, especially in the summer, it will give you a reduction in makeup. Minute. The correct way is to first give the eyelids the bottom, usually choose the beige or earth color eye shadow similar to the skin color, and then add other colors.

how to make stars smoky eyes-7
Bepholan-real mink eyelashes NO.10

3. Blooming is very important

Smudge is the most important step in the eye shadow. The girl who does not need to draw may make his eyes look swollen. In fact, you should choose a deep and light color mixed in the folds of the double eyelids, it is best not to apply with your hands, it is best to use the eye shadow smudge brush. Then, you choose a darker color to apply at the end of the eye, try to choose a color that is not exaggerated, such as wine red or dark brown, don’t forget, the same color should be applied at the end of the lower eye.

4.Painted with pearlescent eyeshadow

Many girls like pearlescent eyeshadows, but I don’t know how to use them, but apply them directly to the entire eye, but this is the wrong approach. You should add pearlescent light after finishing the above steps. The position of the pearlescent light is also very particular. You don’t need to paint it. Just add a little bit at the end of the eye and the corner of the eye. If you apply too much, it will look very heavy. Not refreshing.

false eyelashes

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