Is Kendall do the plastic surgery?

The Kardashian family has always been a hot topic in the European and American entertainment circles. Recently, Kendall has had big news. Some netizens questioned her cosmetic surgery. So what is the reality? Come check it out!

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Known as the different one of Kardashian family, Kendall is very popular with everyone because of her supermodel body and cold appearance, which is different from her sisters.
However, Kendall recently took a group photo with his sister Kylie on the ins, It was shocked! How did the two sisters look more and more like each other!Not only the expression style is more and more like, especially the eyes. Which let the netizens question: Did Kendall do plastic surgery ?

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Looking at Kendall’s recent photos, her eyes seem to be really different from previous !

But after careful observation, we can see that she actually only painted the eyeliner, wearing false eyelashes, and the eyes are still the original eyes, but the visual is full.

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Kendall’s makeup is light, especially for eyes, and it only uses different styles of false eyelashes on the basis of the original eyes.

With these fake eyelashes, you can easily create Kendall eye makeup, not only can larger your eyes in a second, but also make your eyes more attractive.

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