How to do makeup fix in summer

Summer is coming and the weather is getting hotter and hotter. As the saying goes: one hour makeup, three minutes makeup off. Therefore, in the hot summer, how to fix your makeup an indispensable thing. And how to possess the stars makeup like The Vampire Diary. Today, I will share the method to fix your makeup in this so hot summer.

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1. Oily skin
a. Theory:
Oily skin is naturally easier to remove than dry, neutral and sensitive skin. This is because oily skin has more oil and pores.
The cosmetics contain oily ingredients. When oil is released from the human skin, the oil in the face dissolves the oil in the cosmetics, which causes the cosmetic ingredients to fall off and remove makeup.

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b. Solution:
For oily skin, you must first use a paper towel or oil-absorbing paper to press the oil on your face. Otherwise, the oil and the foundation do not fuse, which is easy to cause mottle.
Then use a cushion such as an air cushion or a foundation stick to make up the makeup, take a shot, and take a few more shots at a position where it is easy to remove makeup. You can press the powder cake with the oil control effect again to fix the makeup.

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2. Dry skin
a. Theory:
However, dry skin is also one of the causes of makeup removal. It is necessary to know that moisturized skin is more conducive to makeup, while dry and rough skin is not easy to apply when applying makeup, and it is not compliant after application.
After the thick cosmetics are applied, the skin is too dry and it is easy to peel off, which results in easy makeup removal.

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b. Solution:
Dry skin look here for dry skin, if you have oil slick, you can first press it in the same way, then use a moisturizing product such as essence stick or moisturizing spray to smooth the pickup powder.
Then spread the foundation product evenly over the top of the essence.
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