Unbelievable! Baby Power Create Thick Eyelashes?

In the fashion magazine, always lament the thick eyelashes of the model which is so bright. This essay will share the secret of creating a thick eyelashes effect.

Create thick eyelashes with baby power!

Thick eyelashes1

Step 1: Make the eyelashes a perfect natural bend

Before the upper mascara, you need to create the perfect lash curl, use the eyelash curler to clamp from the bottom, middle, and tail of the lashes, and then hold it for 8 seconds each time.

Thick eyelashes2

Step 2: Brush 1-2 times with mascara

Use mascara to brush from the root of the eyelashes to the tail for 1-2 times. When you brush your eyelashes more than once, in order to avoid looking cumbersome or flies, it is especially important to choose a mascara that is not easy to dry or harden after application.

Thick eyelashes3

Step 3: Apply baby power and apply eyelashes

Shake a little baby power onto the palm or vial and use a cotton swab to evenly draw the powder. Then apply a mascara-like eyelash from the bottom up with a cotton swab until the lashes are covered with ash.

Thick eyelashes5

Step 4: Apply mascara again

Apply mascara from the bottom up on the lashes that have been coated with baby power until the white powder is covered.

Thick eyelashes7

Final Effect:

How about the lashes of the baby power, compared with the eyelashes that are only mascara, does it look longer, darker and fuller? Just as the eyelashes become thicker and longer, at least double!

Thick eyelashes8

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