Say No to Dark Circle!

For girls, the black circle is one of the main factors affecting the makeup of the whole face. After stay up late, the dark circles have become the trouble of many girls. Today, I will share how to remove dark circles.

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1. Apply sunscreen products

Stick to sunscreen products every day, don’t tanning your skin, it’s vital to improve dark circles.

2. Check your health

Quitting smoking, smoking and inhaling second-hand smoke can make dark circles worse, and overweight and high cholesterol can cause the same problem. Both of these conditions can be improved by changing diet, taking medication, and exercising.

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3. Change skin care products

In terms of skin care, there are many products that can remove dark circles. Vitamin C and hyaluronic acid products are the best choice. Both ingredients brighten the skin and leave the tired look radiant. Vitamin C helps to create collagen, allowing space between the veins and the skin. Hyaluronic acid can make the skin plump and full. Thereby reducing transparency.

4. Makeup

If you want to eliminate dark circles in an instant, you can use a little makeup technique. The key is to correct skin tone
Look at the colors you are trying to cover. Usually you will see dark, blue-gray, which means you need warm-colored peach concealer to offset those backgrounds. If you see a pink or red hue, you need to neutralize them with a yellowish concealer.

These are all ways to reduce dark circles, eliminate dark circles, and you can choose false eyelashes to make your eyes look brighter. This false eyelashes definitely add extra makeup.


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