The history of eye makeup evolutionⅠ

If you were born in another era, will your fashion icon be Audrey Hepburn or Vivien Leigh in Gone with the Wind? In the old movies, I can always find the inspiration for the costumes and makeup that can be used today in these classical beauty. Today, let’s take a look at the serious changes.


Coco Chanel, the most influential top designer of modern women’s fashion, launched a fashion revolution in the 1910s.
In order to let women liberate themselves from the boring dress, in the 1910s, the makeup looks extremely simple and almost plain, but in this period, there are already many fashionable women who will boldly try red lips and draw exaggerated smoke. Smoked makeup. And the women’s fashion that really distinguishes between the 10’s and 20’s is actually a hairstyle!

Beginning in the 1920s, women began to see short haircuts as a popular one.


The high-cold beauty played by Elizabeth Debicki in “Taiwan Biography” is the most consistent with the typical impression of the 1920s girl.


Winning the first Oscar by “Gone with the Wind” and the first British Oscar in history, Vivien Leigh’s beauty and talent made her the most popular actress in the 1930s. When it comes to her makeup, it’s hard not to notice her eyelashes that grow up against the sky. The eyebrows of the eyebrow makeup are exaggerated and high. It seems to be very excited at any time. This kind of eyebrow makes her eyes always sharp.

the 50s


Audrey Hepburn’s “Olympic Holidays” after the Oscars, although the temperament of her elegant style and the other sexy actress Marilyn Monroe style in the same period, but you know the original “Diffany breakfast” original Is the first heroine candidate actually Monroe, not Hepburn?


Audrey Hepburn is born with a pair of watery eyes, eye makeup and simple clean. So if you want to restore Hepburn’s eye makeup, the focus is definitely eyebrows!


Compared to Monroe’s makeup, it seems to be more distinctive. She has brought up a lip-slurry = sexy makeup trend, and in addition to the eye makeup part, she is also a good time! Curious why is Monroe’s eyes always so lazy and sexy? A closer look reveals that the shadow of the eyelashes on her lower face is always obvious. In addition to her own long eyelashes, Monroe also deliberately draws a shadow effect below the eyelashes.
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