Eyeliner trend

A trace of traces along the end of the eye is the appearance of the eyeliner and mink lashes. Then, the rising cat’s eyeliner became the sexy and feminine symbol of the eyeliner. From the upper eyeliner to the upper and lower attack, from light painting to thick ink, each painting adds a different style effect.

Eyeliner trend2

Taking Emma Watson as an example, from the subtle changes in her eyeliner, I can feel that the eyeliner is stepping out of the stereoscopic frame of the cat’s eyeliner, trying to try more possibilities.

When the ending is slightly up, it should have ended, and another peak and turn, another style.

Eyeliner trend4
Eyeliner trend2

From the rules and regulations to breaking the rules, in recent years, the makeup of the show models has become more and more unconventional.

Jump out of the root of the eyelashes to the eyelids to draw a more space-conscious eyeliner, especially for girls with small eyes.
Girls with thin eyelashes can try the makeup below.

Eyeliner trend5

Draw an uneven level on the eye. At the end, the upper eyeliner must go up. The lower eyeliner must be bent down like a fish’s tail.

Eyeliner trend7

Halloween makeup can refer to this eyeliner, and then bring a black veil, a bit awkward and a little inexplicable harmony, with a little mysterious and a little gas field.

Combine the flying lines into a geometric shape to make the overall look more

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