How to make the eyeliner last longer

In the season when oil is easy to get out of the water, the eyeliner often faints. Even if the oil-proof and waterproof eyeliner has been used, it is still melted in this hot and dry weather. How can I make the eyeliner and false eyelashes last longer? Share your tips today.

How to make the eyeliner last longer1

Tips 1: Clean eyelids

To reduce oil, the first step is to remember to clean your eyelids. Use a cotton pad with a mild cleansing lotion or a lotion that does not irritate the skin. Gently apply it to the eyelids to keep the eyelids clean.

How to make the eyeliner last longer2

Tips 2: Rub the eye cream

Apply eye cream before applying makeup to moisturize and moisturize the eyelids, prevent eyelids from secreting oil, and make eyeliner more compliant. It can also eliminate dull eyes and look more translucent.

How to make the eyeliner last longer3

Tips 3: Use honey powder to make a base and make eye shadow

First put a layer of honey powder to make a dry eyelid, it is not easy to produce oil and cause eyeliner to smudge. After painting the eyeliner, take some powder of eye shadow and rub it up, gently sweep the eyeliner to fix the makeup, and the eyeliner looks like More natural and soft.

How to make the eyeliner last longer4

Tips 4: The bottom of the eye is splashed with powder

The eyeliner is smudged under the eyes, sometimes because the fundus is oily, and the eyeliner is printed on the top of the eye. To avoid this, just apply a thin layer of powder as soon as the overall eye makeup is completed. At the fundus, you can keep it fresh, even if you accidentally print it when you blink, it is easy to smear.

How to make the eyeliner last longer5

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