So excited! Avril Lavigne is back!

Avril finally returned after 5 years. The first single, Head Above Water, will be released on September 19. It tells about her struggle against disease.

So excited! Avril Lavigne is back!-1
So excited! Avril Lavigne is back!-2
So excited! Avril Lavigne is back!-3

The cover of the album shows his struggle against illness in the past five years.

Speaking of Avril, giving people the first impression is smoked makeup, today I will share with you how Avril smoked makeup is made with 3d mink eyelashes.

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Step 1: first, give the skin a good makeup. If there are not many flaws on the face, the bottom makeup can be frivolous.
Step 2: apply a naked liquid eye shadow over the upper eyelid.
Step 3: the eye shadow of the upper eyelid is evenly stained with the finger pulp.
Step 4: use the eye shadow brush to get brown eye shadow along the outline of the eye socket on the upper eyelid.

So excited! Avril Lavigne is back!-5

Step 5: Then darken the upper eye tail with dark brown eye shadow, and the lower eye tail triangle with dark brown eye shadow halo.
Step 6: the eye is brightened with champagne pearlescent eye shadow.
Step 7: underneath the eyebrow can be brightened with white matte eye shadow. This will make the eyes more three-dimensional.
Step 8: Dip the dark brown eyeliner cream with the eyeliner brush, then draw an eyeliner along the base of the upper eyelash and thicken the tail of the eye.
Step 9: the lower eyelid is near the inner corner of the eye, and an inner liner is drawn with brown eyeliner.

So excited! Avril Lavigne is back!-6

Step 10: apply eyelashes to false eyelashes.
Step 11: mix genuine and false eyelashes together and put black mascara on the upper and lower eyelashes.
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