How to keep longlasting makeup

Many girls will be troubled. When they are running, the amount of sweating will lead to makeup removal especially the mink lashes. The beautiful makeup will go out to run, and when they come back, they will become ‘panda eyes’. All the makeup will be spent. Today, I will teach you how to avoid this problem.

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Tips 1 : Preparing for makeup
If you want to take off your makeup, first make your skin hydrated. Before applying makeup, you can use a moisturizing wet cloth mask or a cotton pad moisturizing lotion to apply to the face. After the skin is full of water, it will be very good makeup, and the makeup effect will be more even. If the water retention is not enough, the makeup will look dry and floating, which will make it easy to remove makeup.

Attention: don’t stick a thick layer of skin care products on your face to moisturize. Although this method will increase the hydration, it will make the makeup easier to remove makeup, and the makeup can’t be compliant.

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Tips 2 : Foundation, Blush

There are many kinds of foundations. If your skin is not too big, just pay attention to the makeup method, a thin layer can be used. If your skin is flawed and the difference between makeup and makeup is relatively large, you need to choose some waterproof professional makeup, such as noodles, powder paste, such as non-dressing products. More lazy girls can choose BB cream or CC cream with better moisturizing effect.

For blush, as long as the makeup does not remove makeup, blush will not remove makeup. If you are afraid of makeup, you can use liquid blush, which is very durable.

Attention: It is not recommended to use powder makeup, powdery foundation and blush.

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Tips 3 : Keep eye makeup

Eye makeup is mainly on the eyeliner and eyelashes. There are no eyeliner pens in the world that don’t have makeup. If you are a dry eyelid, you can use a brown waterproof eyeliner. If you are oily eyelids, you can use eyebrow pencil to draw the eyeliner. Lightening the eyeshadow is not a big problem. With liquid eye shadow or eye shadow, it will be more skin-friendly and not makeup.

Attention: Whether it’s rain or sweat, don’t rub your eyes with your hands. No matter what eyeliner makeup, you can’t save it after you rub it hard. You can wipe it with a paper towel, use your nails to bounce off the sweat, and you can’t use your hand.

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