That’s Fantastic! Expired cosmetics can be used like this!

For girls, it is nature to buy cosmetics also include rapid lash. However, sometimes cosmetics often fail to expire. It is so waste throw away directly. Therefore,this essay will show you how to use these expired cosmetics.

1. Expired facial cleanser
Expired facial cleanser has a strong cleaning ability, we can use it to wash your hands and wash your feet, you can also use the detergent to wash the laundry collar, sleeves, travel shoes, etc., you can also wash very clean.

facial cleanser

2. Expired toner

Toners generally contain alcohol, which kills bacteria to a certain extent and can be used to clean mirrors, dressing tables, dining tables, ceramic tiles, range hoods, etc. Moisturizing water also has a moisturizing effect on animal skin, so it can be used to maintain leather shoes, leather bags, leather sofas, etc.


3. Expired lotion

The lotion can be applied to the hands and feet as a hand cream, which not only moisturizes and moisturizes the nails, but also promotes the growth and shine of the nails. It can also be used as a conditioner. After shampooing, apply the lotion to the hair tips to prevent split ends and soft hair.


4. Expired cream

The use of creams is similar to that of lotions. It can protect your hands and protect your nails. The oily cream can replace the leather care oil, and the expired cream can be applied to leather bags, leather shoes and leather sofas. The leather can be maintained and the leather products of various colors can be used. However, this method is only suitable for ordinary leather goods, and advanced leather goods are recommended to use professional care oil.


5. Expired essential oil

After the essential oil expires, it can be dripped into the sewer to disinfect and deodorize. You can also drop 1-2 drops in a bucket or a humidifier to give your home a natural scent.

essential oil

6. Expired perfume

Expired perfumes can be used as air fresheners, sprayed in the bathroom, in the room, and in the car to become fragrant; can also be sprayed on dishwashing clothes or put into the closet to smoke the clothes to increase the aroma. It can also be dripped into a humidifier or placed in an aromatherapy cup to help the fragrance scent and achieve aromatherapy effect.


7. Expired lipstick

Expired lipstick can be used to repair leather goods. When the leather goods are worn, the white spots are painted with the same color lipstick, and then a layer of egg white is applied, just like the new one.


Friendly tips: cosmetics that can be reused must be of a texture, no change in color, and no unpleasant smell. If it is very bad, it can only be lost.
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