Kaia Gerber – the latest YSL beauty global makeup spokesperson

Kaia Gerber who has charming eye lashes is the new YSL beauty global makeup spokesperson, and Kaia represents the young spirit of YSL beauty, the brand’s iconic values.

‘Becoming a new global makeup spokesperson for YSL Beauty, for me, is a great opportunity to start a new world of colorful beauty with the brand,’ says Kaia.

Long brown hair, deep eyes, charming cheekbones and sincere smile: Kaia is definitely the supermodel superstar of the future. At the age of 17, she reveals self-confidence in her bones, and her unique interpretation of her own style has made her a global fashion circle.

Kaia Gerber-1

This very popular young model has won the prestigious name with its own qualifications, won many well-known commercials and big-name catwalks, and has successively appeared on the cover of many trend magazines, such as LOVE, ID, POP and authoritative fashion. The magazine Vogue Paris edition, Vogue Italian edition and Teen Vogue.

As a representative face of fashion stars, Kaia, already sitting on social media with 3.8 million fans, has undoubtedly become a new generation of fashion figures.

‘I believe that the most important quality at the moment is responsibility. You need to be responsible for everything you do. If someone takes me as an example, I sincerely hope that I can establish a positive and positive image for everyone and Inspire others to be confident and be kind to yourself,’ Kaia said.

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Kaia represents a new image of young people: energetic, bold and avant-garde. Her mature and independent personality and her natural self-confidence make her a proactive and contemporary young woman. Whether she is photographed by a paparazzi with her family, or with a catwalk, she is brave enough to be herself, to dominate her own destiny and to inspire others.

‘Kaia is a promising young man. She not only has a unique fashion taste and outstanding image, but also perfectly explains her true and avant-garde attitude. As the spokesperson of the brand, she will certainly be able to combine these with YSL. The values ​​of the spirit of the Saint Laurent beauty brand are passed on to more people,’said Stephane Bezy, global general manager of YSL Saint Laurent Beauty.

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