KIKO- the best selling lipsticks

KIKO is the number one cheap makeup in Italy. It is very popular in the European and American markets and is more popular than the makeup such as 3d mink eyelashes brands of the same price.


It is known as the ‘king of cost’, online rumored that before Armani launched its full line of makeup products, their fashion show backstage is KIKO makeup.

The most popular thing about KIKO is the lipstick. His lipstick is made of high-purity bright color. The upper mouth has high color, full color and long lasting.

It also adds a lot of skin care essence ingredients, so it is very moisturizing, it will not be dried up at all, and the people who buy it have always been particularly special.


KIKO#407 Rosewood

The gentle color of the bean paste is very temperament, and it is suitable from the student party to the light mature woman.
It is not as faint as other bean pastes, its color is relatively saturated. Much like natural rose petals.

KIKO#416 cherry deep red

The standard retro aunt red, painted from the Queen’s gas field. Like ripe cherries, it also faintly shines with metallic luster, which looks good and doesn’t pick skin tone. Ideal for smearing in cold winters, clean and refreshing

KIKO#413 red papaya
Bright orange with a hint of pearl. Orange lipstick is more likely to be black, only the white-skinned girl can control. But KIKO is not the same as orange. It is not a kind of gorgeous orange, but a crystal orange with a three-dimensional and layered texture. It immediately became full of energy, fashionable and cute.
KIKO#414 orange red

It is a classic orange red, which belongs to many people’s must buy. Red with orange tones, the feeling of being painted is revealing cute in intellectuality. If you think that orange is too picky, and red is too boring, you must buy this.

KIKO#411 coral color

The popular western grapefruit color on the Internet represents love, beauty and gentleness. Very very nice, beautiful, not looking makeup and wearing, even if you can apply it, you can immediately improve the color.

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