How to make lipstick last longer

For girls who like makeup and false eyelash, especially those who like lipstick, it is especially important to avoid lipstick makeup. Today, I will share with you tips. lip
Apply lipstick to the front lip for 5 minutes, it can soften the cuticle, so the effect of applying lipstick will be much better, but some girls have white lips, deep lip color, and generally lip-skinned girls have lipstick, both The original color of the lipstick can’t be highlighted. Then, we need a concealer to give a lip to the bottom. It will be much better.

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2.Blowing lipstick with a hair dryer

Before using it, take a few seconds of hot air blowing. Do not blow for too long, otherwise the lipstick will melt, which saves you the time you need to apply it many times to polish the wax.

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3.Lip makeup is more durable

If your lipstick is not matte, but you want to create a matte look, girls can apply lipstick, a paper towel on the lips, and then use a large brush across the lips. The loose powder is evenly swept on the paper towel, so that it can create a matte face and make the lipstick last longer, and the water does not fade.

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4.Press the lip

After applying it, you must use your finger or lip brush to press it. Lip makeup is something attached to the human skin. Just like ink, it is easy to fade before it is completely attached. If it is attached to the skin, it will not fade easily.
First take some powder on your lips and apply lipstick. Repeat the above process to effectively avoid lipstick makeup.

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