How to prevent red blood

Red blood is mainly due to facial telangiectasia or a facial phenomenon caused by a superficial capillary location. There are many reasons for the red blood problem. Today, share the method of preventing red blood.

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1.Pay attention to sun protection

Pay attention to sun protection during the sunny summer months. The ultraviolet rays trapped in the sun will further deteriorate the condition of the red blood, and the reduction of external stimuli is effective to avoid the appearance of red blood cells.

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2.Avoid hot and cold heat

Alternation between cold and hot can easily lead to telangiectasia, the formation of facial redness, severe symptoms can also cause facial symptoms, the skin will become worse. So whether it’s high temperature or alternating hot and cold water, if your skin has red blood, then you should avoid it.

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3.High quality moisturizer

Choose natural non-irritating skin care products. These products are non-alcoholic, non-fragrance, and preservative-free. They can solve the problem of dry skin and prevent skin keratin from being damaged by dryness. Skin care products containing vitamins E and C. It not only protects the skin, but also strengthens the skin’s own immunity.

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4.Skin immunity

The more tired the work, the more tired the skin. Even if there is a ‘good color’on the face, it is because of the red blood. Because the skin cells under the stress of life and stress, can not get enough rest and nursed back to health, free radicals to start activities in a wide range, so that the skin’s immunity is further reduced. Therefore, in order to eliminate red blood, it is necessary to improve skin immunity.

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