Autumn and winter popular colors

Today, Bepholan Eyelashes will tell you a particularly beautiful and gentle color, and it is also especially suitable for autumn and winter. First, let’s start with its light color.

fashion color-1

The most common colors such as smog blue and lake blue are the most popular ones. The autumn and winter are the freshest embellishments.
Wearing a sweater of this color is not only age-reducing, but also visually clean. In addition to the half skirts of the same color, it can also be equipped with classic blue jeans or popular camel overalls.

fashion color-2
fashion color-3
This light blue blazer with a white shirt or autumn coat is definitely the freshest look in the workplace, even in winter.

Blue coats have been popular since the first two years, and this fall and winter is still home.
Nebula Blue, an exciting celestial color, described by Pantone as reminiscent of twilight, a thoughtful, starry blue

fashion color-4
fashion color-5
This kind of nebula blue has a high saturation. I don’t like to wear it too much. I can look at the accessories first, like boots, bags, etc. This is definitely the highlight of autumn and winter.

The smooth texture of this thin color coat in winter is not so easy to control. In the fall, wear a thin sweater or shirt.

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