Why can’t the mask be applied every day

The mask is a tonic for the skin. Although the beauty of the heart, everyone has it, but the extremes must be reversed. The mask is not used as often as possible, because it has a bad effect on the skin. Today Bepholan Lashes will share this information to you.

1. Applying a mask every day will make the stratum corneum of the skin hydrated all day, the skin is difficult to breathe, and the skin type of the skin that is prone to acne is more likely to cause acne.

2. Every day, the mask is easy to hydrate, causing damage to the skin barrier function and becoming sensitive; some may cause acute acne, or cause a series of inflammatory reactions, severe peeling, rash and other problems.

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3. If the skin’s nutrient content is too high, it will cause a certain compounding. The nutrients that can’t be absorbed will form fat granules, and the pores will become coarse, which will seriously disrupt the skin’s metabolism.

4. If the mask is applied for too long, it will cause back absorption of skin moisture and the skin will be drier.

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Recommended in general:

1.Mask should not be applied every day

2.The number of masks per week is 2 to 3 times a week.

3.Masking time is 10 to 15 minutes

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