How to possess thick hair

There are more and more people who are losing hair now, and the stars are not immune, so how to make hair has become a particularly hot topic. However, the cycle of hair growth is too long, want to send a lot of volume, and inevitably use some small tools to respond, today I will share a few tools for you.

The first tool, hairline powder, as long as a simple shot, the effect can be seen immediately.
When you apply it, brush it on the hairline, just rub it once, then spread it directly on your forehead.

The second L’Oreal complementary color spray can quickly fill the bald area.
It is especially suitable for the scalp and the bangs. The scalp will always be exposed. It is not so obvious after the spray. It is very soft and natural.

The makeup technique is good, you can use the eyeliner or the thin hairline to draw the hairline, the effect will be more natural.

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