Whether need to wash your face after applying the mask

For girls who love beauty, daily skin care is essential. The most commonly used in the treatment is the mask, which can be said to be a skin care product that girls can’t live without in their daily lives.

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Many people think that there is still a lot of nutrient solution left on the face after the paper film is removed. It is a pity to wash it off. Therefore, the girl will pat a few times like a lotion, until the nutrients are completely absorbed, and then apply moisturizing cream; some people simply put the nutrient solution as a cream, massage a little and keep it for one night.

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However, it has been discovered by experts that it is necessary to wash your face after any mask has been applied. The reason is because the mask acts to introduce nutrients into the skin while isolating the air. But in fact, the degree of absorption of nutrients by the skin is limited. Within 15-20 minutes of applying the mask on the face, the skin is already in a saturated state, and the absorption can be basically absorbed, and the time that cannot be absorbed can not be absorbed any longer. If you do not wash the nutrient solution on your face, apply other skin care products directly, which will affect the skin’s absorption of these skin care products. In addition, some nutrients on the mask may cause skin sensitivity if left on the face for too long.

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Therefore, girls who love beauty must remember to wash their face in time when applying mask to ensure that their face can better wash their hands and nutrients.

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