Why your face get red after applying mask

Many girls like to apply masks, but many girls often blush after applying them. What is the reason? Let me talk about the reasons for redness today.

The main reason is that the rejection of the skin is the allergic phenomenon we usually call. Allergies are a very normal phenomenon. The usual reason may be that people who rarely use cosmetics, or who often use a brand for a long time, suddenly change skin care products, may also be sensitive to the skin itself, or may have used hormone products before the skin.

The last and most important reason is that people often overlook it because the mask is too long. It can be removed after 15-20 minutes, and the time is too long, causing allergies caused by hypoxia of the skin. There are also several days of use, some people can not absorb so much nutrition, leading to overnutrition, it is recommended that these customers do not use every day. This problem can occur if the skin does not absorb it. It is recommended that the skin be red or allergic to pause, and then use the skin a little better.

If they are not the above, they are allergic to the body. Maybe it is allergic to a certain part of the mask. Please stop using it. Replace masks from other brands.

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