The correct way to wash your hair

The correct way to clean your hair, your hair will get better and better. Today will share the right way to wash your hair.

1. The control of water temperature during shampoo is very important. It is better to warm the water at a temperature slightly higher than 37 °. Remember that it is slightly higher. Don’t let the scalp feel hot and stimulate the scalp.


2. Allow your hair to be fully moisturized before using shampoo.
3. The shampoo is not directly poured on the hair. The best way is to pour the shampoo into the palm of your hand and use it after foaming.


4. It is best not to apply the conditioner to the scalp, and it is not suitable to stay on the hair for too long. It can be washed out in about 3 minutes: if the hair mask is used, the relative residence time can be longer, about half an hour.

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