What! Gold can make beauty?

Lisa Snowden, a 46-year-old TV presenter, recently shared her latest luxury health show on social media, with a layer of 24K gold on her face and a layer on her neck.

gold to skin care

According to her own introduction, this 24K pure gold mask can exfoliate, and the gold particles can improve blood circulation and help the elderly to restore skin elasticity.

Although in the past few years, skin care products and cosmetics containing gemstones have become popular throughout the beauty circle, as early as 6000 BC, Egyptian nobles have learned to use jewellery and skin care.

gold to skin care-2

For example, the gold mask used by Lisa, the first user is actually Cleopatra, and now it is proposed to carry forward. Jewelry is not a new trend, it has been popular for a long time.

25 years old, is a dividing line of women’s youth. From then on, the collagen fibers of women’s skin are slow to renew, the hyaluronic acid between cells begins to decrease, the water content of the skin is also reduced, and wrinkles will slowly climb your face.

gold to skin care-3

In foreign countries, ancient Egyptians also used gold on their teeth to repair or replace sick teeth. In ancient Rome, doctors used gold to treat skin diseases, and gold-coated wounds no longer ulcerated.

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