Shocked! British beauty makeup artist creates exquisite horror Halloween makeup

According to the British ‘Daily Mail’ reported on October 30, a makeup artist in Reading Town, Berkshire, UK shared a number of photos of her Halloween eyelash creations on social networking sites. It’s scary.

Halloween makeup-1

Zoe Pratt, 33 years old who loves horror. At the age of 12, she saw the first horror movie in life, the Evil Dead. Now, she is keen to use cosmetics and pigments to make up all kinds of terrible images during Halloween such as witches, devils, beggars, etc. Some images may even scare herself. ‘My nun looks shocked myself. I think maybe because my face is completely different from me after applying the pigment, I can’t recognize it myself. The biggest change may be the mouth. Once the mouth changes, the whole face will change. This is exactly what it is. The charm of this type of makeup.’

Halloween makeup-2

These makeups usually take 3 to 8 hours, and the longest takes 13 hours. First, you need to draw a rough outline on your face, then fill it with paint, and finally use a cosmetic powder to make the overall look more harmonious. ‘The more natural the makeup looks, the longer it takes. The more exposed the skin, the finer the details will be.’ But Zoe said he enjoyed the whole process: ‘This is a relaxing thing for me. Form is more like a meditation.’
Zoe’s work first entered the public eye. During the 2016 Halloween makeup challenge, a photo she uploaded was praised and forwarded by the makeup artist of the Hollywood movie Ghost Play. As a perfectionist, Zoe spends 40 minutes or even an hour to create a styling, and finally selects one of the more than 100 photos to upload to the social networking site. ‘Many people questioned that this was made with the retouching software, so I started recording the entire makeup process.’

Halloween makeup-3

In addition, Zoe will persuade his family and friends to be their own models. She once turned her 11-year-old son into a ‘fairy fairy’. ‘He is very good. He can sit for 4 hours while doing my model.’

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