Why does the mask have a tingling sensation?

Does the skin have a slight tingling sensation when applying the mask? Let me share with you why.

Reason 1: The skin is seriously dehydrated

When applying the mask, if there is a tingling sensation on the face, but the tingling sensation disappears after a few minutes, this is generally the cause of severe water shortage in the skin. Daily moisturizing is not enough. When you feel the skin is tight and dry, it is already a serious water shortage. The large amount of moisturizing molecules on the mask will make the skin temporarily unable to adapt, which will naturally cause tingling.

Reason 2: The skin has invisible wounds

As a delicate little fairy, what lip hair and face hair should be repaired clean. Even if you are careful, it will cause the skin to be invisible to the naked eye. It is also the red nose peeling caused by the nose when you catch a cold, the skin peeling around the mouth, or the small wound after the acne is squeezed. In fact, in this state, it is not suitable for applying a mask, especially a clean mask.

Reason 3: skin allergies

The tingling on the face of the mask may also be an allergic skin. In this case, the tingling sensation will not be alleviated, and it will last for a long time. Redness, itching or swelling may appear on the serious face. This is an allergic reaction to your skin.
This type of allergy may be that the skin can not withstand the essence of the mask, or the mask contains allergens and so on.

Reason 4: The skin is not clean enough

Cleaning is not just a place to remove makeup and cleansing. It is a cleansing product that remains in the dead corner after cleansing, or a shampoo that splashes on the face after bathing. It is mainly not washed out, and may cause tingling in subsequent skin care.

Reason 5: Inferior mask

The quality of the masks on the market is mixed, and the price of those inferior masks is generally low, and the ingredients are almost all chemical. This kind of inferior mask is often effective, and it may be ok in a short period of time. However, after prolonged use, the skin will be ‘invaded’ and various problems will occur, such as stinging, redness, hormones and even sensitivity; In the case, it is obvious that the brand mask is bought, but the face is stinging. It is very likely that a counterfeit product has been bought.

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