Autumn and winter popular colors

Today, Bepholan Eyelashes will tell you a particularly beautiful and gentle color, and it is also especially suitable for autumn and winter. First, let’s start with its light color. The most common colors such as smog blue and lake blue are the most popular ones. The autumn and winter are the freshest embellishments. Wearing a […]

How to make lipstick last longer

For girls who like makeup and false eyelash, especially those who like lipstick, it is especially important to avoid lipstick makeup. Today, I will share with you tips. lip Apply lipstick to the front lip for 5 minutes, it can soften the cuticle, so the effect of applying lipstick will be much better, but […]

How to prevent red blood

Red blood is mainly due to facial telangiectasia or a facial phenomenon caused by a superficial capillary location. There are many reasons for the red blood problem. Today, share the method of preventing red blood. 1.Pay attention to sun protection Pay attention to sun protection during the sunny summer months. The ultraviolet rays trapped in […]

Kaia Gerber – the latest YSL beauty global makeup spokesperson

Kaia Gerber who has charming eye lashes is the new YSL beauty global makeup spokesperson, and Kaia represents the young spirit of YSL beauty, the brand’s iconic values. ‘Becoming a new global makeup spokesperson for YSL Beauty, for me, is a great opportunity to start a new world of colorful beauty with the brand,’ says […]

That’s Fantastic! Expired cosmetics can be used like this!

For girls, it is nature to buy cosmetics also include rapid lash. However, sometimes cosmetics often fail to expire. It is so waste throw away directly. Therefore,this essay will show you how to use these expired cosmetics. 1. Expired facial cleanser Expired facial cleanser has a strong cleaning ability, we can use it to wash […]

How much do you know about the dangers of eyelashes extension?

eyelash extension is a common cosmetic method in life, which can make the eyelashes longer and more dense. Therefore, this method is very popular among many people, but eyelash extension will also have adverse effects on health. Let’s take a closer look at the hazards of eyelash extension. 1. Cause eye infection The eyelashes used for eyelash […]

Makeup tips about how to heighten your eyes

NO.1 Rotating clip lashes Start the eyelashes from the end of the eye, use the end of the eye as the fulcrum, rotate the eyelashes, and clip from the root of the eyelashes for a while. NO.2 clip eyelashes slightly The eyelashes should be clipped a few times and moved in a downward vertical direction […]