The history of eye makeup evolutionⅡ

For the last essay has introduced the evolution from 1910s to 1950s, let’s continue to take a look at the serious changes. the 60’s Cui Ji, the “first supermodel” who rose in the late 1960s, is also quite representative. When it comes to the 1960s, it is hard not to think of her exaggerated and […]

Unbelievable! Baby Power Create Thick Eyelashes?

In the fashion magazine, always lament the thick eyelashes of the model which is so bright. This essay will share the secret of creating a thick eyelashes effect. Create thick eyelashes with baby power! Step 1: Make the eyelashes a perfect natural bend Before the upper mascara, you need to create the perfect lash curl, use the […]

What’s wrong with Nina Dobrev’s face?

After seeing Nina Dobrev from The Vampire Diaries, it was amazing, how can there be such a beautiful but so cute girl, the episode has ended, she is more mature and sexy now. The years have left traces, so does she still attract you outside the drama? Recently, the actress Nina Dobrev participated in Teen Choice 2018. […]

Can you image this is a human face?

The beauty masters bravo the audience according the bravo makeup skills. Generally, we make up to make ourselves more beautiful, and the beauty master’s goal is not to make one beautiful,to become another species.Step 1: Cover your hair with a headgear, glue the edges with glue, and decorate the details with paint. Step 2: Cover […]

How to do makeup fix in summer

Summer is coming and the weather is getting hotter and hotter. As the saying goes: one hour makeup, three minutes makeup off. Therefore, in the hot summer, how to fix your makeup an indispensable thing. And how to possess the stars makeup like The Vampire Diary. Today, I will share the method to fix your makeup in this so hot summer. 1. […]