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How to Transform into Disney’s Princess JASMINE!!

Princess Jasmine is a fictional character, appearing in the 31st animated feature film Aladdin of Walt Disney Pictures. Anyone watching this Jasmine Princess Makeover after watching Aladdin live-action version 2019. Products Used : Colourpop It’s a Princess thing Eyeshadow Palette Colourpop Jasmine lux Lipstick Colourpop Luster dust Highlighter Ben Nye Nose and Scar Wax Farsali […]

Nars Is Releasing a fresh Orgasm Make-up Collection for the Iconic Shade’s 20th Anniversary

Way more than most companies, beauty places a certain amount of value on what’s new, now, and then. Makeup tendencies and fan-favorite products appear to take pleasure from their 15 minutes of fame – who understands if we’ll be contouring in 2030? – before silently learning to be a relic of the not-too-distant earlier. However, […]

Snoop Dogg Narrated a NikkieTutorials Makeup Video and It’s so Perfect

Look out, Martha Stewart – it looks like you might not be Snoop Dogg’s only adorably unexpected sidekick. YouTube beauty vlogger and just lately appointed Marc Jacobs Beauty global artistry adviser Nikkie de Jager, more commonly known as NikkieTutorials, published a new video tutorial on April 20 (wink wink) that makes a strong circumstance for […]

Why does the mask have a tingling sensation?

Does the skin have a slight tingling sensation when applying the mask? Let me share with you why. Reason 1: The skin is seriously dehydrated When applying the mask, if there is a tingling sensation on the face, but the tingling sensation disappears after a few minutes, this is generally the cause of severe water […]

Shocked! British beauty makeup artist creates exquisite horror Halloween makeup

According to the British ‘Daily Mail’ reported on October 30, a makeup artist in Reading Town, Berkshire, UK shared a number of photos of her Halloween eyelash creations on social networking sites. It’s scary. Zoe Pratt, 33 years old who loves horror. At the age of 12, she saw the first horror movie in life, the […]

Why your face get red after applying mask

Many girls like to apply masks, but many girls often blush after applying them. What is the reason? Let me talk about the reasons for redness today. The main reason is that the rejection of the skin is the allergic phenomenon we usually call. Allergies are a very normal phenomenon. The usual reason may be […]